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POSTED: 13TH July 2017

Today's blog post is for anyone who has had that little thought pop in to their head that they would like to start running, then almost as quickly you give up because you have no clue what to do! Well Emma Kirk Odunubi who works as a Pacer for Nike is here to share her tips on how to start the journey to being a runner.

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How do I try and run!?

So you've decided to run? Whether it's that drunken choice to bet your mate you could run a marathon, or you really just want to make a conscious effort to get yourself built up to run your first 5k - it is possible? So the furthest you've ever run before is 10m for the most and in doing so thought your heart was on fire, don't worry it's totally fine.

Begin by firstly getting yourself analysed for running shoes. Everyone's feet move differently meaning we need different levels of support to one another. Don't stress yourself in finding the right pair-leave it to an expert. I work at Profeet in Fulham. It is my job to do anything from simple run analysis, to assessing runners bio-mechanically to help prevent and rehabilitate injury! Places like Run and Become, Runners Need do gait analysis. Basically don't pick your shoes on your favourite colour-choose on level of support needed for you!

Now the running itself, don't try to run hard for 30 minutes, because you and I both know if you're never run before , you'll get to the end of the road and not be able to breathe. Start by walking for 5 minutes. Brisk but still be able to hold a conversation. After 5 minutes, run at a steady pace for for 2 minutes, then back to walking for 5 minutes. Repeat this 3 times.

If that looks simple to you, reduce the walk time by 2 minutes and increase the running time by a minute. Over time this running will feel easy, so continual reduction in walking time should happen week on week. By week 5/6 you will be able to run at least 20 minutes non stop. 

A secondary thought is to start doing some strength work alongside running. When you run you technically are only on one leg at a time, so single leg strengthen will massively help you. Exercises like single leg balance, single leg squats to a chair and lunges are great additions for training.

Whatever run you are trying to build to, the wise Nike found once said 'If you have a body, you are an athlete'. So any distance, big or small, is an amazing achievement and don't forget whenever you're pushing yourself, channel your inner athlete!