7 top 'good' tips to beat the festive season

13th December 2016

Christmas is all about the food, drink, family and festive cheer & here are 7 top tips to help you beat stress.

The one time of the year where we can just forget about work for a little bit and enjoy time with our loved ones- and tuck into some tasty treats.

But it also comes with unwanted added anxiety and stress on both the body and the mind. Which can lead to family arguments, panic, accidents and injuries and unnecessary stress on yourself and those around you.

It's supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year- but this sheer panic that comes with shopping, parties, in-laws and other festivities can make us  feel a little more deflated than festive.

Here at The Good Guru, we understand that the Holidays are a time for presents and love not tantrums and feeling blue. So we have put together our 7 top tips in order to beat the stress for less this Christmas. Just think of this as our little present to you.

1. Add some extra D to your S.A.D.

Waking up in the dark, going to bed in the dark and staying inside all day due to the cold, frosty weather- may make you want to just curl up under a blanket and by the fire- but it could be causing more bad than good. Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D) is a common ailment of the winter. Vitamin D may help ease the symptoms. UP your vitamin D intake by making sure you are spending as much time outside or by a window when the sun makes an appearance and supplement with our Good Vitamin D to help maximise your stores.

2. Sweat away your stress.

Stress and worry getting too much? Get out of the house, and out of your head for a little bit.

Exercise even as simple as just walking the streets (take the dog if you have one) has a therapeutic release on the body and the mind.The benefits of exercise have been long established and they include reducing fatigue, improving alertness and concentration and enhancing overall cognitive function. Exercise also helps combat signs and symptoms of stress by producing endorphins (happy hormones) that lift your mood.

3. Get your ZZZ's.

A decent nights sleep is vital in overcoming stress, worry and anxiety. When we are asleep our bodies are able to recover and repair from all the tension built up during the day and sets us up ready for the next day. Struggling to sleep then why not take Our Good Sleep which is specially formulated to promote a deep sleep by providing your body with L-Theanine which improves the quality of your sleep; Lemon balm to help reduce anxiety and promote a decent nights sleep; Motnomorency Cherries to help reduce any pain and inflammation. So put your head down- and catch those zzz's. Doctors Orders.

4. Share the Stress.

It's a known fact that during the holidays we take on more work trying to please everyone- resulting in unnecessary pressure. Speak to your loved ones around you about the pressure you are under and split tasks with family/friends and colleagues if possible, and don't be afraid to say NO to things that you don't need to do. Giving yourself a break by not taking on 101 different jobs over the Christmas period can be the difference between a happy holiday and a stressful one.

5. Laugh it off.

Crack out the Christmas jokes. Play the silly board games and whack on a comedy box set. Laughing helps reduce the stress hormones and helps your immune cells function better. So bust out your best belly laugh and ward of those stress and flu cells.

6. Tech-tox your Christmas.

Make a rule that the only technology allowed on during the Christmas period is from the new toys for the kids and gadgets in your stockings. Having constant emails/texts/calls coming through keeps us in that work- fight or flight mode due to the adrenaline that comes from receiving notifications regarding work. Not only is this adding to your work load, it also contributes to your exhaustion levels, arguments and sends your stress levels through the roof. So turn your tech off and enjoy spending time with your loved ones for once.

7. Supplement it.

Still struggling to get a control on your stress levels over this busy period? Over 90% of illnesses are aggravated by stress, and that's not exactly the best Christmas gift is it? Stress makes us unhappy and unhealthy- now we can’t magically offer you an OFF switch but we can help you to relax and deal with the stress by reducing the factors that cause it. Our Good Stress supplements contain Botanicals to support the adrenal glands, Siberian Ginseng to increase mental alertness and improve memory as well as Magnesium, Vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12 to help reduce fatigue. Topped off with L-Theanine to support a relaxed yet alert state of mind without drowsiness to support and relax you during stressful days or festive periods!

And as another little stress-free Christmas gift from us to you. Our Good Stress is now 50% OFF for today only.