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Welcome Aboard

Welcome aboard The Good Guru, we invite you on a journey to discover our healthy lifestyle products. Our premium supplements and health foods are prepared using only the finest raw materials discovered during our travels. We go to great lengths to source natural ingredients from around the world that are non-GMO and chemical free. We’ll travel across oceans to get hold of only the best resources that we can find.

The brand is progressively developing - With over 100 products on the production line consisting of 60 plus formulations, we’re continuously growing. We’re thrilled to announce that by popular demand our plans to explore and launch more leading-edge formulations is underway. Not only is our voyage fun and exciting, but it also gives us the freedom to represent reliable and safe high quality products.

Established in Britain in 2015 The Good Guru products are created in-house using cutting edge technology, and formulated based on sound scientific rationale. We strive to keep up to date with state of the art exploration.

Exploring The Good Guru Products

Every product is handcrafted to perfection and packaged in Britain. We strive to source only the highest quality ingredients from around world. Our mission is to enhance the health and wellbeing of our customers. We believe in doing this Simply, Smartly and Honestly.

Simply - Our promise is to simply engage with customers to educate and deliver products that can be easily incorporated into a healthy lifestyle.

Smartly - We aim to be your number one smart choice of supplements and health foods by using only the finest ingredients on the market. We have chosen to work with only the best in the industry, and endeavor to provide you with high quality products.

Honestly - We honestly believe that our innovative natural solutions are designed to help consumers achieve better health. We always look for organic and non-GMO raw materials that are free from chemicals. All our products comply with UK and EU standards.

Our high quality innovative formulations are available via our website, and are dispatched worldwide. As our brand continues to grow, we envision to be more widely stocked in exclusive health boutiques and organic supermarkets across the UK..

The Good Guru

The brand is run by a small family of experts who have been successfully working within the health and wellbeing industry for many years, and in a short space of time have already gained a spotlight in the supplement world.

The Good Guru is a globetrotter, and developed a burning passion for the health industry whilst travelling around Asia. Originating from Asia the Good Guru was drawn towards alternative medicine, where culturally natural health is much spoken about.

The Good Guru is fond of healthy living, and believes that eating well alongside supplementing with quality nutrients is the way forward to optimum health, as well as longevity. Our adventuress founder has been religiously supplementing for longer than most of us can remember. The Good Guru never ceases to amaze or inspire.

Having worked with well-established health professionals who integrate well with the brand and ethics, we envision endless possibilities. We believe that health is an individual journey, and support our customers enter the realm of possibilities.

Our Visionary Voyage

The Good Guru is no ordinary brand, and we’re dedicated professionals with a vivid vision for the future. Our mission to promote good health and wellbeing has allowed us to explore deeper within the field of alternative medicine, and further support non-profit organizations.

Our mission is to connect and engage deeper with our customer base on a larger platform where communities can inspire each other. Why not be a part of this venture, and join us on the enlightening journey to explore our wide and diverse range of products, and spread the gift of good health with The Good Guru.

Our Good Guru philosophies are there to support you throughout your journey to good health - Be Good! Do Good! Feel Good!

#Be Good to your body - Our bodies require a wide spectrum of nutrients for optimum health and wellbeing. We encourage you to focus on your dietary needs by eating well, supplementing and exercising.

• Be motivated to #Do Good and achieve your individual health goals.

• Be inspired and #Feel Good knowing that we aim to empower you, by working with the best professionals in the industry to support your nutritional needs.

Dale Pinnock
The Medicinal Chef

We’re thrilled to introduce Dale Pinnock, our very own brand ambassador for The Good Guru. Dale has studied the subject of nutrition intensively - he has degrees in Human Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Medicine. Famously known as the medicinal chef, Dale is a multi talented TV master chef, and the author of several best selling nutritional health books.

We couldn’t be more excited to have Dale join our team. He’s passionate about health and nutrition, and specializes in combing the science of nutrition with his excellent culinary skills. Dale has been cooking since he was a child, he first started cooking at the age of 4! Not only does the food Dale cooks taste absolutely delicious, but it’s also packed with nutritional goodness. Dale believes that various nutrients found in food may help to improve health on many different levels; varying from reducing pain in the body, enhancing the immune system and improving digestive function. In addition Dale is brilliant at giving advice on how to cook on a budget, as well as how to prepare meals and snacks super fast! So for those living a hectic lifestyle, cooking need not be such a laborious or expensive task.

We’re honored to announce this partnership, and highly value Dale’s expert presence at The Good Guru. Our delightful medicinal chef is an encyclopedia of vast nutritional knowledge. His commitment to sourcing the healthiest wholefoods and most bioavailable supplements on the market is truly inspiration. We are privileged that Dale has chosen to work with us at The Good Guru.

Dale’s Enlightening Journey Into Nutrition

Dale’s journey into health and nutrition started due to his own health challenges. At the tender age of about 11, Dale first started breaking out with acne on his face. His skin issues became so severe that he had to seek advice from many doctors over the years, but nothing they prescribed really worked!

Much to dale’s delight, a light bulb moment occurred when one day he was visiting a friend. His friend’s dear mother handed him a book on nutrition, and left him in wonderment with these words, “Unless you change what’s happening on the inside, nothing will change on the outside”.

This inspiring book was life changing for Dale, his eating habits literally changed overnight and he started focusing on eating fresh wholesome foods. In addition Dale found new nutrition books to read, he became an avid reader of any health book that he could get hold of.

Being completely and utterly captivated by nutrition, health & wellbeing Dale decided to study the subject at a comprehensive level at university in his early 20s. Whilst studying he developed a keen interest in phytonutrients, powerful antioxidants that are thought to enhance health significantly such as Carotenoids, Flavonoids and Resveratrol.

Coming from a background as a chef and having acquired outstanding cooking skills, Dale is now famously known for his in-depth knowledge about the science of nutrition, which he combines with his artistic cooking flair to produce nutritious and delicious tasting food. Dale exclusively chooses to work with wholesome clean ingredients, and is committed to sourcing only the most bioavailable good quality supplements on the market.

The Good Guru shares the same core values, and that’s why we’re delighted to have Dale on board. Our passion to promote good health and wellbeing has allowed us to explore deeper into the field of alternative medicine. Having worked with inspiring well-established health professionals who integrate well with the brand and ethics, we envision endless possibilities. We believe that health is an individual journey, and support our customers enter the realm of possibilities. Join us on this adventure on the road to discovery and enlightenment.